Hello, We Are SES!

The human brain is the key for a healthier well-being. It’s the window we see through all our surroundings, function and interact towards our life givens.
SES is a specialized team aiming to help Trauma & Abuse survivors subjected to all kinds of abuse such as neglect, emotional neediness, cultural change & beliefs.
Different techniques are being used to help us approach our audience using CBT, DBT, Here & Now (Self Soothing Techniques) & Mediation (Music, Art & Imagery).

Target Audience

Gender: Male & Female
Marital Status: Single / Married / Divorced
Age: 18++
Region: Middle East
Language: Native Arabic

Security Terms

Privacy is a MUST

SES ensures a safe place where data is kept secretive and private on all different platforms. This is put into consideration from the backend to the frontend.

We’re keen on being a trusted entity at the end, so the whole project will be electronically highly secured.

Therapy Sessions


Providing a wide range of platforms trying to meet the needs to ease the life of those who seek help wherever they are. You can now book your session easily and pick your Therapist at the tip of your hand.


We sincerely know how much is the need for people to talk & be heard with a one to one session. SES provides a comfy cozy office to give a sigh of relief for all our clients.

"Bring together your broken pieces"